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Every person should have an estate plan consisting of at least a simple will. Without an estate plan, your property will be distributed pursuant to the intestate statute. An estate plan will also help resolve issues that exist regarding minor children.

The following things should be considered when determining which form of estate plan is right for you:

1. Will

2. Guardianship

3. Conservatorship

4. Power of Attorney

5. Designation of Patient Advocate

6. Trust

If you have a Will and wish at any time to revoke or alter your Will, do not mark the Will in any way but consult with us to insure your wishes take effect.

The following are some of the events that might occur, in which case alterations to a Will may be desirable:

1. If anyone named in your Will changes their name;

2. If a Personal Representative dies or suffers ill health;

3. If anyone named in your Will dies or becomes mentally incapacitated;

4. If you divorce or marry; or

5. If new children or grandchildren are born or adopted.

Your Personal Representative should be aware of the location of your Will, and we suggest that you keep a written inventory of your assets, updated annually, with your Will. If you have specific funeral or burial instructions, you should inform your Personal Representative.

If you move to a foreign jurisdiction, you should consult a lawyer who practices there, to insure that your Will will be valid.



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